Affordable classes for all ages

Affordable classes for all ages

Dedicated teachers providing classes for all abilities

Designed with Australian families in mind, classes start from $8 a week with an annual registration of only $99. With no expensive costumes or recital fees, Physie is an affordable way to learn to dance and keep fit, with a touch of glamour & lots of fun!

Weekly Class Costs


$65 / term for 1 class

5 yr - Ladies

$85 / term for 1 class
$150 / term for 2 classes

 Classes must be paid via our online portal, Enrolmy, at the start of each term.

New students receive their first class free and pay for classes from when they start attending.

Performance, Stretch and Barre class attendance must be nominated & paid for at the start of each term. These additional classes are designed for those who wish to compete and better their execution of the syllabus.

Yearly Registration and Insurance fees



5 yr - Ladies


Registration fees with Bjelke-Petersen ($99) include costs of syllabus, major competitions (not including interclubs), music, medals, etc. Registration must be paid by March (for existing members – newcomers may join at any time of year).

Insurance fees for our club are incorporated into the term fees and covers liability insurance and start of year administration.

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